The SATA Slim SJ2 is a high-speed performance solution for embedded and industrial solid state storage systems. Transfer speeds on the SATA Slim SJ2 provide for mission critical applications that require read speeds up to 530 MB/s and write speeds up to 210 MB/s with the ability to withstand rugged environments.


  • SATA-III Interface
  • Max Speed: Read up to 530 MB/s, Write up to 210 MB/s
  • Capacities up to 128GB
InterfaceSATA III
Capacities:16GB -128GB
Performance: (Access Time)0.1ms
Performance: (Read/Write (MB/sec))530/210
Internal Cache Size:N/A
Power Supply: 5V ± 10%
Dimension: (mm) 54.0 x 39.0 x 4.0 mm
Part Number: FMLxxx10RM, FMLxxx12RM
Data Sheet:SATA Slim SJ2

*Based on CrystalDiskMark v.7.0 and Asus P6T Motherboard. Perfomance may vary. Usable capacity is less than specified after formatting.
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