Go Green Go Green

"Go Green"

Computing alternatives increase performance and reduce costs

Sometimes doing the right thing is hard; here's one that's easy: New computing technology that increases system performance while reducing
your CO2 footprint.

Leading studies suggest that the explosive growth we've seen in computing power has been matched by growing power demands and cooling costs. Experts predict that power-related costs within the data center will soon be larger than the IT equipment cost contained within them. The realization that power demands have been running largely unchecked has created a new movement within the computing industry, that of "Green IT". We, at SuperTalent, create and sell a series of SSD & DDR3 memory products that support this effort and we want to spread the word about other solutions within our industry that can be used in to create an even better complete solution. As we upgrade our data centers to Windows 7, keep and eye out for these new technologies that not only reduce power requirements but increase performance as well.

What can we do? Think Green.

When selecting new components within our data centers, look for these "Green alternatives" that not only save power and create less heat but can dramatically increase system performance as well.

Green Technologies.

Green Technologies

Green Implementations.

Green Implementations