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March 01, 2016
Introducing Super Talent’s USB 3.1 Portable RAIDDrive!
The Super Talent USB 3.1 Portable RAIDDrive consists of two M.2 SSDs within the enclosure that are set up in RAID 0 to achieve increased performance in a small portable form factor.
October 23, 2015
Introducing STT’s 128GB USB 2.0 Pico C Drives!
Super Talent’s Pico drives offer very large capacities in a tiny elegant case. Now with 128GB of storage capacity, the Pico C can hold even more of your media and photo files in one place.
December 20, 2014
Durable Automotive In-Vehicle-Infotainment SSDs are now available from Super Talent!
The DuraDrive AT7 is Super Talent’s newest Automotive IVI SSD built to withstand the harsh environments and constant vibration of a moving vehicle.
December 13, 2014
Super Talent DDR4 DRAM modules now available!
Delivering up to double the speeds of its predecessor, DDR4 DRAM by Super Talent pushes towards the next generation in computing.
October 24, 2014
Introducing STT’s USB 2.0 Pico Motile!
With the ability to connect to both USB 2.0 and MicroUSB ports, Pico Motile is an excellent On The Go device.
May 20, 2014
Come see us at Computex 2014!
Super Talent will be exhibiting its latest USB 3.0 and SSD designs at Computex 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan at the Nangang Convention Center, Booth J1318, June 3-7
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