With an excellent choice of USB 2.0 devices and a constantly increasing series of USB 3.0 drives, Super Talent flash provides a wide variety of USB options. Super Talent USB drives go through careful testing to ensure they are high quality. Whether you need speed, style, security, or affordability, you’ll find the right drive at Super Talent.

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USB 3.1 & 3.0 Series >

Super Talent's USB 3.1 & 3.0 collection focuses on high-quality, speedy devices. With many of the USBs featuring multiple channels of flash, this series is filled with lightning fast drives.

Elite Series >

The Elite Series USB drives have a sleek and professional appearance as the result of high-end materials being used. This collection features standard USB 2.0 capabilities.

Pico Series >

Super Talent's highly awarded Pico USB drives pack huge capacities into a tiny elegant case. The Pico-mini drives are offer amazing capacity considering their compact size and come in several fun colors.

Eco Series >

Super Talent's Eco Series features a variety of classic swivel, slider, and switchblade designs. These devices deliver on reliability.