Flash Products

Solid State Drives >

Super Talent's SSDs (solid state drives) use NAND flash memory to store data. SSDs are easy to upgrade to since they are 100% compatible with devices that use HDDs (hard disk drives).

Portable SSDs >

Super Talent's Portable SSD provides transfer speeds of up to 500 MB/s, that's up to 4.9x faster than external HDDs.

STT USB Drives >

Super Talent's collection of USB drives features both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. Super Talent flash drives provide a variety of choices to fit any company's needs.

Custom USB Drives >

Super Talent makes it easy to promote your business with a huge selection of customizable USB drives.

Flash Media Cards >

Super Talent offers a variety of flash media cards in both standard size and microSD size. Super Talent's flash media cards provide reliability and quality.

Memory Products

Project X DDR4 >

The Super Talent PROJECT X DDR4 delivers superior speeds up to 3733 Mhz with lower power consumption and improved performance.

DDR4 Memory >

DDR4 DRAM is the next generation of DRAM which delivers speeds up to double that of the previous generation DDR3 DRAM.

Laptop Memory >

Super Talent laptop memory is designed and tested for compatibility with a wide range of portable computers.

Desktop Memory >

Super Talent desktop memory is fully compliant with industry standards to ensure compatibility with motherboards and OEM systems.

STT Memory for Apple >

Super Talent Apple compatible memory is tested on all the leading systems in Apple's own certification labs.

Server Memory >

Super Talent server memory is tested on the latest server motherboards by our engineering team to ensure compatibility and quality.