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USB 3.1 & USB 3.0 Series

Extreme Performance Flash Drives

Super Talent's USB 3.1 & USB 3.0 collection focuses on high-quality, speedy devices. With many of the USBs featuring multiple channels of flash, this series is filled with lightening fast drives.

Elite Series

Standard Storage, Premium Designs, High-end Materials, Non-speed Rated

The Elite Series USB drives have a sleek and professional appearance as the result of high-end materials being used. This collection features standard USB 2.0 capabilities.

Pico Series

Simple Storage, Small Designs, Non-Speed Rated

Super Talent's highly awarded Pico USB drives pack huge capacities into a tiny elegant case. The Pico-mini drives offer amazing capacity considering their compact size and come in several fun colors. The Pico Series comes in a variety of sleek designs that are all convenient and reliable USBs.

Eco Series

Simple Storage, Classic Designs, Classic Colors, Non-Speed Rated

Super Talent's Eco Series features a variety of classic swivel, slider, and switchblade designs. These devices deliver on reliability.