* * * Static Electricity Warning * * *

Static electricity damages electronic components. Before you begin, ground yourself by touching a bare metal part of your computer case while your computer is turned off but still plugged in. Avoid walking around on carpet floors until you finish the installation. Avoid touching any exposed metal parts of the memory module.

1. Open your computer.
Turn off your computer, unplug it, and remove the cover.

2. Locate the DIMM sockets in your computer

If there are no vacant DIMM sockets you will need to remove an existing DIMM. You can eject the DIMM by pressing down and outward on the retention clips.

3. Plug in your DIMM modules

Remove your DIMM module from its package. Line up the row of gold pads on your DIMM with the DIMM socket, making sure the notches on the module align with the notches in the socket.

Here are some tips to help you determine which DIMM socket to use:
- Use the DIMM socket(s) with the lowest number printed on the motherboard (eg. DIMM0 first)
- If there are no numbers visible, use the DIMM socket(s) closest to the CPU first
- Use the DIMM socket adjacent to an occupied DIMM socket
- Or, consult your motherboard manual to determine which DIMM socket(s) to use.

Firmly press the module into the socket with your thumbs. Make sure the retention clips snap into the notches in the ends of the module to hold it in place. When the module is properly seated the retention clips on each end of the socket should be clipped into the rounded retention notches.

4. Put the cover back on your computer

Screw the cover onto your computer, plug it back in, and enjoy your new memory!

*If you have any problems after installing the memory, try these troubleshooting steps:
- Did you plug your computer and monitor in?
- Is your memory module properly seated in the DIMM socket? If in doubt, eject the DIMM module by pressing down on the two retention clips and reinstall it, making sure the module snaps into place firmly.
- Did you inadvertently unplug a cable inside or outside your computer while performing the upgrade? Check all cables and make sure every one is properly connected