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Specifically geared towards consumer applications, the MasterDrive OX SSD offers stellar performance with SATA-II speeds and high reliability provided by MLC NAND Flash chips. With no moving components, the MasterDrive OX SSD consumes up to 85% less power than a hard disk drive. Enhance your laptop experience with significantly faster system startup and application load times and longer battery life. The MasterDrive OX is offered as a 2.5-inch internal SSD or as an SSD kit bundled with our external eSATA/USB case.
   Specification: MasterDrive OX - External Case MasterDrive OX - SATA-II

2.5-inch External Enclosure + SATA-II SSD

2.5-inch SATA-II Solid State Drives
   Capacities: 64GB - 128GB 16GB - 128GB
   Dimension:  75mm x 129mm x 15mm  100.2mm x 69.9mm x 9.5mm
   Part Number: FTM64GLEX1 (64GB)
FTM28GLEX1 (128GB)
 FTM56GLEX1 (256GB)

FTM16GL25H (16GB)

FTM32GL25H (32GB)

FTM64GL25H (64GB)

 FTM28GL25H (128GB)
 FTM56GL25H (256GB)

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