Services & Solutions
Preload data
We can preload presentations, product catalogs or any other promotional materials you desire. If you want to use a customized USB flash drive as a party favor, you can load videos and pictures to share with your friends and family.
This feature allows your preloaded data, such as a presentation, to launch automatically when the user plugs the custom USB flash drive into his computer.
Volume Label
The 'volume label' is the name assigned to the flash drive when the disk is first formatted or created. We can customize this name on request.
If you want to protect your data, we offer a solution to block end users from deleting files on your custom USB flash drive.
Password protect your flash drive to prevent access to personal financial records, confidential medical or legal records, customer databases, or any other secrets that you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands.
Color Match
If the precise color is not covered by our standard color range, we can match any color you specify in addition to printing your logo on the flash drive.