Super Talent Updates its SATA Slim Flask Disk Modules

The SATA Slim SJ2 is Super Talent’s latest flash solution for embedded systems

San Jose, California – July 14, 2015 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of NAND Flash storage solutions, announces its SATA Slim SJ2.

Super Talent's  SATA Slim flash disk modules are used extensively in industrial and embedded computing applications.  These low power high performance SSDs are utilized in solutions such as: medical instruments, point-of-sale terminals, laptops, and surveillance setups every day.  The SATA Slim is a great choice when physical space is a limiting factor for a host system.

Capacity Part Number

The SATA Slim SJ2 can be built with industrial parts that withstand extreme temperature ranges for applications in much harsher environments.  Transfer speeds on the SATA Slim SJ2 can reach up to 480 MB/s reads and 400 MB/s writes which uses the SATA-III interface.

Additional information on Super Talent’s SATA Slim SJ2 can be found here.